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 Кратко о нас
  Company Name | Wise Advanced Co. Ltd.,
  Year of Foundation | 1992
  Total experiences | over 20 years


  Founded in 1992 and started to market peripheral-based storage interface such as PCMCIA, CardBus, USB2.0, Firewire to IDE.
  Since 2002, an important milestone of Wise Advanced, we began to engage in the field of broadcasting image with a patented portable DV / HDV / HD Image storage hard drive device, under Shining’s trademark CitiDISK™, which is capable to be linked by 1394 to capture and store images directly to the hard disk.
  In 2010, Wise CFR, the equipment for professional broadcasting, was developed to store images with CF card by Wise Advanced.
  A remarkable product – Express Card - S2, developed by Wise R/D team is able to be merged SONY PMW series products.


Путь развития
  Provide and create innovation, efficiency & professional service to our customer as well as motivating our employee to achieve a prosperous business growth.


Business expansion。Customer satisfaction。Best quality of products。High service quality


  Marketing and Sales Strategy
- Objective oriented
- Customer oriented
Operation strategy
- Service quality
- Efficiency
- Professional team work